we all find some kind of magic in a book

I am 20 years young & a deep lover of books. What I post is pretty self-explanatory. Books. Reviews. Book to Film. Book to TV Show. Plus a few other fandoms. If you have any questions just ask. ~This is a side blog run by Just-Another-Enchanted-Soul

2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
Kirstian has read 2 books toward her goal of 200 books.


he got the bracelet from a duck

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Try to imagine where we’d be without you, darlin’, and then maybe you’ll see just how lucky we got.

Great. Were all bloody inspired.

Lord of the Rings Meme: Three Races

2. Hobbits

"Hobbits have been living and farming in the four Farthings of the Shire for many hundreds of years. Quite content to ignore and be ignored by the world of the Big Folk — Middle-Earth being, after all, full of strange creatures beyond count. Hobbits must seem of little importance, being neither renowned as great warriors, nor counted among the very wise. A rather unfair observation, as we have also developed a keen interest in the brewing of ales, and the smoking of pipe-weed. But where our hearts truly lie is in peace and quiet, and good tilled earth. For all Hobbits share a love of things that grow."

It’s a metaphor.

It’s a metaphor.


8 Facts about The Hunger Games movie and it’s cast


"I come from nothing, and before long I will return to nothing. Let me kill this man for you."