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2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
Kirstian has read 22 books toward her goal of 75 books.
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Mara Dyer Trilogy |Michelle Hodkin

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"War makes monsters of us all.”

“Are you saying you are monsters?”

“I am saying we are human. You are not the only one with wounds.”

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“I’m always finding humans at their best and worst. I see their ugly and their beauty and I wonder how the same can be both.”

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a  M O C K I N G J A Y  is a creature the Capitol never intended to exist

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Retribution has arrived

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' What makes life precious,

is that it ends. ‘

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favorite ladies[5/∞]
↳ Hermione Granger, Harry Potter

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Nails inspired by Jennifer E Smith’s The Geography of You and Me.

I was lucky enough to get to meet Jennifer (Lisa Price was there too and I loved the dress she had on) awhile ago. She was super nice and when she saw my nails I was surprised when she recognized them. No one could tell but deep inside I was crying. 

I got books signed and got a ton of pictures with my other book blogger friends. Recap will be up on the book blog soon. I hope.

Nail polish used:
China Glaze Wait N’ Sea

Shoutout to National Bookstore for inviting two fabulous authors to the Philippines. Amazing. Can’t wait for next month’s signing! NBS is bringing over Madeleine Roux and Claudia Gray.

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