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2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
Kirstian has read 22 books toward her goal of 75 books.
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The 5th Wave & The Infinite Sea

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Maybe I’ll be like that man in “The Hanging Tree’. Still waiting for an answer.

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Harry Potter | patronuses

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My life in gif

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There is a time beyond mountains and men

when our six-faced moon must rise.

If you call me,I will come to you then,

And our six-headed hourse will ride.

Though Sixteen Moons began our thread,

And Ninteen Moons must end us,

Let us always be Bound by the Southern Star,

And when in grave danger-

Send us.

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i just really need finnick and katniss’ friendship to be in mockingjay. i need the hospital scenes where they’re both falling apart. i need finnick comforting katniss after she watches the propos. i need them going into the woods and katniss talking to him and him helping her. i…


Argo II Boys

art edit

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and men said that the blood of the stars flowed in her vein x

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Excitement + Nervousness = No Sleep

The Hunger Games - Catching Fire - Mockingjay Part 1

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