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2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
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He bent over her. This much they had done together, before. This much he remembered. That she liked to be kissed in a line down her throat, and that if he followed the shape of her collarbone with his mouth she would cry out and dig her hands into his back. And if he had been terrified of what came next — not knowing what to do, or how to please her — it was washed away in the rush of her responsiveness: her soft cries as he ran his hands down her legs and kissed her chest and stomach.

“My Jem,” she whispered as he kissed her. “James Carstairs. Ke Jian Ming.”

No one had called him by his birth name in over half a century. It was as intimate as a touch.

— After the Bridge, Cassandra Clare


City of Bones + details


Forty-nine thousand, two hundred and seventy-five days since I last kissed you. And I thought of you every single one of them. You do not have to remind me of the Tessa I loved. You were my first love and you will be my last one. I have never forgotten you. I have never not thought of you. Never.


So the author of The Dolls, Kiki Sullivan, sent me some amazing sign book swag to giveaway to you guys!

There will be 12 winners:

  • 3 people will win one of three signed The Dolls heel compacts.
  • 3 people will win one of three signed bookplates that you can can stick to the inside of your copy of The Dolls.
  • 6 people will win on of 6 sign The Dolls bookmarks.

The contest will run until September 13 at midnight EST. The winners will be randomly selected. US and Canada residents only. It will be run through Rafflecopter so just click on the link and enter :)


Book Trailer

My Review

Also the author is having her own giveaway & giving away some free stuff :) Check out the info here »

NEWS: The Story Foundation and Depth of Field (The Golden Compass, About a Boy, Twilight: New Moon) have partnered to create a television series based on the book!


Anna and The French Kiss Series + endings


book series and their last sentences


Check out what just came in the mail! Thank you @merit_press and FSB Associates for the lovely books!! #books #bookstagram #bookmail #bookhaul #ya #yalit #yareads #youngadult #series


Check out what just came in the mail! Thank you @merit_press and FSB Associates for the lovely books!! #books #bookstagram #bookmail #bookhaul #ya #yalit #yareads #youngadult #series


Historical Fiction 
Stories that focus on the past and it’s prominent events, people, and ideas while remaining fictional. 


Books & Cupcakes August Book Photo Challenge
Day Twenty-Three: Fictional Boyfriend

I have been calling Captain Chaol Westfall my “lovely other boyfriend” for years. I will forever love that gorgeous Captain of the Guard. <3

"She took his hand, and there was only the music and Chaol."

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